Martin Alig
Abschluss: 2012
Lebt in Kassel
Prof. Jakob Gebert
Steffen Kehrle

Titel der Abschlussarbeit
flexibles Möbeldesign
alig, martin
Tisch Statuta

Table Statuta is a dining or office table. Six people fit on the table. The u-shaped table-legs are pluggable and fit into the bottom frame. For transport they are fixed by magnets. The table board consists of a 6 mm HPL-board with a black core and a anthracit surface. An 3,5-axis-cnc-milling-machine provides the special form of the buttom frame and the diagonal cut for the plugged table legs.

182 x 88 cm, high 73 cm

legs:powder-coated steel
bottom frame: german oak, waxed
table-board: HPL
alig, martin
Sweet Büro

Sweet Bureau addresses the posibility of a simply extension of a table board. The outcoming of this is in its lenght variable bureau. The features of the Sweet Office are a flexible table board, the mobility with the casters and the stability. It should be emphazised that there is the lockable loading space for placing different items. The whole office isn´t bounded to a room. It is an advancement of the “desk-sharing” to a “room-sharing-principle” and a flexible personal working place. Among the design was the choice of the material and the styling of the mobile construction elements important.

77-140 cm x 54cm, high 74 cm

corpus: plywood beech, glazed white
table board: linoleum
drawer: powder-coated steel
alig, martin
alig, martin